Organic Valley

Client Data

Client:  Organic Valley
Location:  McMinnville, OR
Contract Amount:  $427,200

Scope Performed

The north half of the building slab was demolished to allow for the installation of the new deep foundations. In addition, various steel members were fully or partially removed to allow for new steel and equipment installation.

Building Modifications: A new concrete floor for the north half of the building was poured after the piles were installed. The floor was sloped to all floor drains. Significant structural modifications were made to the building to bring the existing structure up to current seismic design requirements. This included adding new beams underneath existing beams, welding plates on columns to increase their strength and various other modifications. All new steel was painted with epoxy paint.

This project included modifying all utilities within the perimeter of the building that was required for the operation of the dryer. Modified utilities included chilled water, compressed air, and water. Existing hose stations for wash-down were repurposed.

Organic Valley